ࡱ> SURy 9bjbj `X{{1ff$,T$ddddd???#######%(t#`??``#dd# ` dd# `# #Q#dj>###0$%#,( (Q#(Q#\?=l $???## ???$````(?????????f :  FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Trident Group, LLC. Company Windsor/Sandpiper/Sandpiper II Apartments 1001 Garrett Drive, Athens, AL 35611 (256) 233-0096- Phone Number (256) 233-5211- Fax Number CLIENT NAME: LEASING AGENT: Connie Taylor PROPERTY: APPLICATION PAID BY: _______________ DATE APPLIED: ___/___/___ APPROVED: DENIED: APP FEE: ADD ON FEE_____ 3RD: ______ RENTING POLICIES & PROCEDURES Trident Group, LLC. Once you have selected and decided on a rental unit you must fill out our resident application form. There is a $25.00 application fee (Money Order), which covers the handling of your application and the cost of your credit report. There is an additional $10.00 handling fee for each additional applicant and if a third party guarantee is required. These fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. A State and/or Federal photo ID will be requested at the time you submit this application for processing. In order for your application to be considered you must meet the following requirements. Sufficient Income: Three times the rental amount per month. Income may be combined by multiple applicants. (Permanent employment of at least 4 months at the same job is preferred) Verifiable Good Credit: Credit references listed will be contacted, so please provide telephone numbers. Credit reports will be checked with a national credit bureau Good Previous Rental History: We will verify rental history with your two previous landlord(s). You must provide names and telephone numbers of prior landlord(s). Applications will not be approved if we cannot contact your prior landlord(s) or mortgage holder(s). Complete Application: This application must be complete in its entirety. Failure to complete the entire application can result in a denial of the application. Criminal History: A national criminal background check will be performed on each applicant(s). Each applicant(s) will also be required to return a background check completed by the Athens City Police Department or Limestone County Sheriffs Department and in cases where applicable also from the local police department of the city (if other than the city of Athens, AL) and/or county that the applicant(s) currently resides in at the time this application is submitted. We will try to process your application within 24 hours. Applications will not be pre-screened. Incomplete or falsified applications will be rejected. All applications submitted become the property of Trident Group, LLC. We cannot guarantee any unit you have seen to be available by the time your application is processed. We cannot be held responsible for any unit that is rented after you have seen it and turned in an application. All rentals are on a first approved basis. If your application is approved, you will be required to sign a lease and be required to pay the 1st months rent and security deposit in advance. This must be paid by MONEY ORDER OR CASHIERS CHECK ONLY. If you are bringing pets there is a separate pet fee of $300.00 (certain weight and breed restrictions do apply), which is non-refundable and must be paid on or before the move in date agreed upon. After signing a lease agreement with Trident Group, LLC, you are liable to report to us within 48 hours with a change of phone number(s) and/or place of employment. RENTAL APPLICATION Rental Property Address Date Personal Information Applicants Full Name (Print): _______________________________________________ Have you ever used another name(s) If yes, name(s) Social Security Number:_____-____-_____ Current Phone# Birth Date: ____/____/____ Drivers License/State ID#: List any other persons who will reside with you below (Include age and relationship-*All adult applicants must fill out a separate application). Adults_____________________________________________________________________ Children ___________________________________________________________________ Do you intend to bring pet(s) in your new rental? Y/N If yes list what type of pet(s)_________________ Breed(s) ______________ Weight _____________ There is a pet limit of 2 pets per apartment with a total combined weight of 40 pounds and a pet fee of $300 per pet, this fee is a pet fee NOT a deposit and is NOT refundable. Certain breed restrictions do apply. Do you intend to use a waterbed in your new rental? Y/N Name of nearest living relative: __________________________________________________________ Relationship Phone________________ Address __________________________________ Who should we contact in case of an emergency? _______________________________________ Relationship: Phone: Address: RESIDENCE HISTORY VERIFIED BY: _____________________ DATE: ___/___/___ Present Address City: ___ State: Zip: Rent/ Mort Amount $ How Long at this address? YRS MOS Present Landlord or Mortgage Holder: _________________________ Telephone: Reason for moving Is your lease expired? Y/N In not, when does it expire. PREVIOUS VERIFIED BY:_______________________ DATE: __/___/___ Address________________________________________ How long at this address? YRS___MOS _____ City State Zip Rent/Mort Amount: Reason for moving: Criminal History 1. Have you ever been convicted of or pleaded guilty or no Contest to a felony or misdemeanor (whether or not resulting in conviction)? Yes ____ No ___ If yes describe:____________________________________________________________________ 2. Have you ever been convicted of or pleaded guilty or no contest to a felony or misdemeanor involving sexual misconduct whether or not resulting in a conviction? Yes No 3. Have you ever been placed on probation? Yes ___ No ___ If yes describe:_____________________ 4. Do you currently or have you in the past been arrested and/or had any warrants for arrest whether it be for a misdemeanor or felony (whether or not resulting in a conviction)? Yes_______ No______ If yes describe: _________________________________________________________________________ EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION VERIFIED BY: ________________ DATE: ___/___/___ Tel. No. _____________________________ Employed by:_______________________________________________ How Long? Employers Address Position ______________________ INCOME: Monthly Weekly______________Supervisor______________________________ VERIFIED BY: ________________ DATE: ___/___/___ Tel. No. _____________________________ Previously Employed by: _____________________________ How Long? Employers Address Position ______________________ INCOME: Monthly Weekly______________Supervisor______________________________ BANKING & CREDIT INFORMATION Bank Phone# Address Any judgments and collections against you? Y/N If yes, list specifics of judgments and collections ____________________ With AUTOMOBILE INFORMATION Make VIN YEAR COLOR License No _______________ Make _____________ VIN ______________ YEAR_____COLOR______License No _______________ PERSONAL REFERENCES Name______________________________________ Address __________________________________ Relationship Phone# Name______________________________________ Address __________________________________ Relationship Phone# Applicant Signature ________________________________________ Date ____/_____/_____ DISCLOSURE AND AUTHORIZATION The undersigned declares that the information on this rental application is true and correct and understands that false statements may result in rejection of this and any future applications for housing which we Manage. The undersigned does further understand that all persons or firms named may freely give any requested information concerning me and I hereby waive all right to action for any consequences resulting from such information. By my signature below, I authorize the investigation and release of the information on all statements contained herein, including but not limited to a credit check, to Trident Group, LLC. its principal and /or owner of any property, which I am applying, to occupy. I further understand and agree that Trident Group will rely upon this Rental Application as an inducement for entering into a rental agreement or lease and I warrant that the facts contained in this Application are true. If any facts prove to be untrue or incomplete, Trident Group, LLC. may terminate my tenancy immediately and collect from me any damages incurred and reasonable attorneys fees resulting there from. Trident Group, LLC. welcomes all applicants and supports fair housing. We do not refuse to lease or rent any housing accommodations or property or in any other way to discriminate against a person because of sex, marital status, race creed, religion, age, familial status, physical or mental handicap, color or national origin. The application fee is for the purpose of obtaining credit verification and therefore, non- refundable. If the information obtained from the applicant is found to be fraudulent or incomplete, we will deny tenancy. Filing the application and the payment of the non-refundable processing fee does not Guarantee the holding of the apartment for the applicant. ONLY an approved application and fully paid security deposit guarantees that the apartment will be held by Trident Group, LLC. Furthermore if the Application is approved and the Security Deposit paid and the applicants(s)does not move in by the move in date (lease start date) agreed upon, the applicant(s) forfeits any and all monies paid. ie. prepaid rent and security deposit. MOVE IN DATE AGREED UPON IS _____________________ (date to be filled in by agent for Trident Group LLC) Disclosures In accordance with 4csr 250-8-8. 120 paragraph 3 of the Rules Regulations at the Missouri Real Estate Commission Trident Group, LLC. hereby discloses that as of October 1, 2001 it has entered into an escrow cash sweep program with its lead bank, Jefferson Bank of St. Louis whereby any cash in excess of mandatory maintained bank balances back fees and charges will be placed in repurchase agreements full collateralized by US government Securities in the interest from which agreements is payables solely to Trident Group, LLC. Company. I/WE declare that I/WE have read and agree to the above disclosures. I/WE declare the foregoing information is true and correct and I/WE hereby authorize you to conduct an Employment, criminal and/or credit check and to verify our references. Applicant Signature__________________________ Date____________ Received by ________________________________ Date____________ Trident Group, LLC. (Rev, 06/07/2005) TRIDENT GROUP LLC (256) 233-0096- PHONE NUMBER (256) 233-5211- FAX NUMBER Windsor Apartments 1001 Garrett Drive Athens, AL 35611 Sandpiper Apartments 710 S. Clinton Street Athens, AL 35611 Sandpiper II Apartments 700 S. Clinton Street Athens, AL 35611 THIS FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT BY THE LOCAL CITY OR COUNTY POLICE DEPT. IN WHICH APPLICANT CURRENTLY RESIDES Date: ________________________________ Applicants Full Name: ________________________________________________________________ Other known names (such as maiden names, etc. . .) or aka: __________________________________ Current Address: ______________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________ License No. ______________________ State: ____________ I _________________________give my permission to release the above requested information to Trident Group LLC/Windsor, Sandpiper, Sandpiper II Apartments for the purpose of processing my rental application _______________________________________ Signature of Applicant Please provide a list of any offenses/arrests/convictions for misdemeanors and /or felonies for the above listed applicant. You may use the back of this form if more space is required than given below. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Law Enforcement Division /Signature of individual performing the search /Date 567=?@j     0 s | f x  2 iz>guv##(*.0ɻ hOM\ hH4\ hH45>* hH4H* hH4CJhOMhH45>*\ hH4CJH* hH4>*CJ hH4CJ hg>*hg hH4CJ hH4>*hH45CJ\hH45CJ\hH4 hH45\8?j 3 s  ' f  iD##[^_ & F` -DM 0^_`s"$48swag,Cgi)6]^nv|'*=E~๫hH4CJehrhH4>*CJehr hH4>*CJhc hH45\ hH4>* hH4CJhH4 hH4\ hOM\hOMhOM56\C_`s9:xya4i#$d%d&d'dNOPQ#$d%d&d'dNOPQXY^_vw+,FG#$d%d&d'dNOPQ,$d%d&d'd-DM NOPQ~().179<>PSgr.12567 ʳysihH45>*CJ\ hH4CJ hc5\ hH4>*\ hH4\ hH45\ hH4CJ2hH45CJ\ehfHq r,hH4CJehfHq r5hH45>*CJ\ehfHq rhH45CJ\hH45>*\hH4 hH4>* )*TUrstuv07d !  `']#$d%d&d'dNOPQ !!!!!!"""&")"0"2"o"p""""#########$$B$C$E$e$j$m$t$y$$$$$%%#%(%+%.%1%9%:%?%A%%%%%& &,&0&7&G&ܭܧקקhH45>*\ hH4CJ2hH45CJ\ehfHq r hH45\hH45CJ\ hH4>*hH4 hH4>*CJ/hH4>*CJehfHq r>!!!!""q""r#####D$E$e$f$$$$%%#$d%d&d'dNOPQ#$d%d&d'dNOPQ%#%$%\%]%%%%% &G&&&&'' #^`#&dh$d%d&d'dNOPQ#$d%d&d'dNOPQ#$d%d&d'dNOPQG&&&&&&&a'c'i+t+J.K.{003334A4B4T4444444555F555779999ȿȿȿ禙hH45CJOJQJ\hH45CJOJQJ\h!5CJ\hH45>*CJ\ hH4CJhH45CJ\ hH4>*CJhH45CJ\hH45CJ\ hH4CJhH45CJ\ hH45\ hH4>*hH4'''b'c''8(()r)),*-** +i+++<,,-----b.. $-DM a$$a$ $#^`#a$.&/~//80u0v002233334444>4?4@4A4T4q4444$]a$$a$ $-DM a$44444455545F5q5555546566666O7P777 8!8"8 -DM $a$"8J8a8b88/909192939495999999999$&d (d P R a$$$d &d N P a$$a$,1h/ =!"#$% 0&P1h/ =!"8#@$% ^ 666666666vvvvvvvvv666666>6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666hH6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666662 0@P`p2( 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p8XV~_HmH nH sH tH @`@ NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH :@:  Heading 1$@&5\>@>  Heading 2$$@&a$>*D@D  Heading 3$$@&a$ 5CJ\@@@  Heading 4$$@&a$5\>@>  Heading 5$@& 5>*\DA D Default Paragraph FontViV  Table Normal :V 44 la (k (No List 2B@2 Body TextCJ6P@6 Body Text 25>>@> Title$]a$ 5CJ\PK![Content_Types].xmlN0EH-J@%ǎǢ|ș$زULTB l,3;rØJB+$G]7O٭V$ !)O^rC$y@/yH*񄴽)޵߻UDb`}"qۋJחX^)I`nEp)liV[]1M<OP6r=zgbIguSebORD۫qu gZo~ٺlAplxpT0+[}`jzAV2Fi@qv֬5\|ʜ̭NleXdsjcs7f W+Ն7`g ȘJj|h(KD- dXiJ؇(x$( :;˹! 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